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 -The members of Drop Black Sky have just completed an acoustic project EP entitled "Wire, Air & String".   We are offering this EP as a FREE download.   Get your copy here. Watch a free clip on cool tricks with cigarettes.

 Listen to our                 8/4/06 podcast interview with the UnGodly Hour. It's a really fun interview.
Pandora is now playing Drop Black Sky! Create a Drop Black Sky radio station to listen to more music in our "genome". It's awesome.
 Photos                 from Labyrinth of Jareth by Livid Looking Glass. Go look!
 Listen to our podcast                 interview with Livid Looking Glass.

Drop Black Sky is an independent band without label support and is truly a labor of love for it's members.   If you enjoy our art and wish to help support the band in it's ongoing creative endeavors, please feel free to leave a paypal donation below.

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